How to Decorate Christmas Trees White

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Decorating the Christmas tree, particularly as a family, can be an opportune time to create memories and traditions. Seeing your Christmas tree completely decorated will likely put everyone in a cheerful, festive mood. Choose to decorate your Christmas tree with white decorations, whether it's a white or green tree, to match your decor, create a snowy feeling inside or just because you like the way trees look with white decorations. Opt for only white and clear decorations for a pure or minimalist look, or add one accent color for a dramatic effect.

Step 1

Set up your Christmas tree in the tree stand. The tree should be in close proximity to an electrical outlet--for the lights--and in the ideal location in your home to be seen, but not be in the way of daily life. Confirm the tree is straight and stable. Spray artificial snow around the tree, if desired. Add water if the tree is real.

Step 2

Position the tree skirt around the tree, with the opening in the back. For real trees, leave the opening in an inconspicuous area where you can easily get in to add water.

Step 3

Plug in the strands of lights to confirm they work before adding them to the tree. Add white or clear strands of lights to the tree. Start at the top of the tree, winding the lights around the tree--evenly spaced--until you get to the bottom. Multiple strands of lights may be needed, depending on the length of the light strands and the size of the tree. Alternate between twinkling and blinking lights and lights that stay on for an interesting visual effect.

Step 4

Decorate the tree using all of the ornaments and any candy or tinsel you like. Space the ornaments according to your taste, either filling every available spot or leaving plenty of open space to show off the actual tree. Begin with favorite ornaments to ensure they're included. Icicles, snowmen, snowflakes and any other glass or white decorations are ideal.

Step 5

Place the tree topper on the top of the tree. Use a ladder or step stool for taller trees. Plug in the lights.

Tips and Warnings

  • Unplug the lights at night or when you aren't home to avoid fire hazards. Keep glass bulbs and ornaments up high, particularly if you have small children who will have access to the tree. Avoid breakable ornaments--when possible--if you have active pets and children.

Things You'll Need

  • Tree stand
  • Can of artificial snow spray
  • Tree skirt
  • Strands of lights (clear or white)
  • White bulbs and decorations
  • Clear/glass bulbs and decorations
  • Accent color decorations (optional)
  • Tree topper
  • Ladder or step stool (optional)


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