Christian Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas


Festive Christmas decorations don't have to stop at evergreen trees or stockings hung by chimneys. Here are some Christian-themed ideas for Christmastime bulletin boards at your church or Sunday school.

Sharing Mittens, Sharing God's Love

Many churches hold collections for local shelters or charities, and Christmas is an especially popular time for those drives. One idea is to collect mittens and build the bulletin board around that theme. Not only does the board help get the word out, but since kids contribute most of the decorations for it, they're more likely to get excited about the drive. Cut mitten shapes out of stiff paper or card stock and have each child in Sunday school decorate a pair. Staple the mitten pairs onto the board, and spell out "Sharing Mittens, Sharing God's Love" in bulletin board letters for the title. A paper printed from a computer and stapled in a lower corner of the board can list start and end dates of the drive, as well as collection areas.

Bible Verse of the Week

Choose four Bible verses, one for each week of Advent. (Ask your priest or pastor for suggestions; she may have sermon themes planned and may be able to help you find verses that match those themes.) You can either spell out all four verses on the bulletin board, noting which verse belongs to which week, or you can change the bulletin board weekly during Advent.

Paper Chain Advent Calendars

This is another one that kids can help with. Have each child make an Advent paper chain, then hang the chains from the bulletin board. Each week they can spend the first few minutes of Sunday school ripping off a week's worth of paper links, one by one.

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