Kids' White Paper Lantern Crafts

These simple and elegant paper lantern crafts make striking decorations for the holiday season. They are inexpensive, and kids as well as adults will enjoy embellishing the lanterns. The crafts can be used for indoors and outdoors and help you transform your home into "winter wonderland."

Paper Lantern Garlands

Small paper lanterns make charming Christmas tree garlands or they can be used for decorating around the house. All you need is white paper, tape and scissors. Begin by folding a rectangular piece of paper in half lengthwise. Next, make several cuts at even intervals from the fold towards to within about 1 inch from the opposite side. Unfold and tape the two short ends of the white paper together. Create a small handle using another strip of paper. Glue the handle to the lantern. The goal of this craft is to create a garland that makes the Christmas tree look like it's covered with snow. You can also use each paper lantern as an individual ornament for the tree.

Glowing Lanterns

The light shines through cute cut-out shapes in this simple white paper-bag luminary. To make this craft, you will need one white paper bag, some colored tissue paper, and glow sticks. Start by drawing a moon and stars on the paper bag. Any other shapes are fine, too. Cut them out. Place a crumpled piece of tissue paper inside the bag. Next, put the glow stick in the bag. The bag will glow beautifully. You can create several luminaries and decorate an entire path outside your house. In the dark, the bags will look like "glowing" snow.

Table Lanterns

This simple yet eye-catching craft uses up your old Christmas cards. If you don't have any old cards, use white construction paper instead. Kids can start by cutting off the white part of the card. Next, you need to join several of these white sections with double-sided tape to form a sleeve. Before securing the ends, draw some pretty patterns on the backs of each white part then cut them out. Cover each pattern with a piece of translucent tracing paper. Tape the ends of the sleeve together. Place a small tea candle inside a baby food jar. Put the jar into the lantern. Cover the table with a white table cloth and place the lantern on top. Your table will look like "winter wonderland."

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