How to Make Cheap Outside Christmas Decorations


Your home holds a treasure trove of materials that can be used to make cheap outside Christmas decorations. Recyclable materials, outgrown clothing and the natural greens from your yard provides nearly everything you need to get your yard ready for this year's neighborhood competition. Use your imagination, materials on hand and little or no money to have the most beautiful yard every Christmas season.

Step 1

Gather recyclable materials for Christmas crafting. Empty cans, yogurt containers, scrap plywood, rustic barn wood and plastic container lids are examples.

Step 2

Paint yogurt containers in solid colors such as red, green, white and gold. Poke a hole in the container's bottom and thread wire or fishing line through the hole. Form a hanging loop and secure the end inside of the container with duct tape. Hang these containers in the trees or from the eaves of your porch for Christmas bells.

Step 3

Draw folk-art snowmen, Christmas scenery with birds, Santa, holiday mailbox or a Nativity scene on to pieces of rustic barn or door wood. Paint these welcoming pictures with acrylic paint and coat with varnish or polyurethane to protect them from winter weather.

Step 4

Wrap blocks of packing Styrofoam, cardboard boxes or wooden boxes in foil Mylar or recycled tablecloth material to make them look like large gift packages. Top them with weatherproof ribbon bows.

Step 5

Draw Christmas characters, gingerbread house panels or a Nativity silhouette on to pieces of scrap plywood or MDF. Cut out the figures and and the edges well. Paint the figures with acrylic paint and coat with weatherproof sealant.

Step 6

Gather acorns, cones, seed pods and cedar, fir or pine boughs or tips that are about 6- to 8-inches long. Wrap a 10-inch piece of wire around each cone and tightly secure it leaving two tails of the excess. Assemble wreaths and garlands with evergreen tips and florist wire for a cheap outside decoration. Insert wired cones, pods and acorns, securing them to the wreaths or garlands by twisting the wire ends. Drape the garland on the side of your home, around windows and doors, and along stair railings. Hang wreaths or simple sprays on your front door. Finish with handmade weatherproof ribbon bows.

Step 7

Adhere two abandoned playground balls together with a hot glue gun. Paint the figure white and add snowman features. Turn an old tomato cage upside down. Wrap with a string of lights and secure with short pieces of wire. Place this miniature tree on your lawn next to the snowman and turn on the lights. Punch holes in recycled food cans in star and snowflake patterns. Layer an inch of sand or stones in the can bottom and place a votive candle on the material. Place these luminaries at the sides of your walkway or driveway.

Step 8

Create sprays by binding fallen tree twigs together with wire. Leave them in their natural state or spray paint with white. Wire on cones, acorns and individual silk poinsettia blossoms for a window box or hanging door decoration.

Step 9

Fill old clothing with leaves, Styrofoam packing materials or plastic grocery bags. Assemble figures of small children, Christmas carolers or Santa Claus to place around your yard for a no-cost Christmas decoration. Figures can be set into evergreen bough filled wheelbarrow, sled or sleigh.

Things You'll Need

  • Recyclables
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Lights
  • Fir boughs
  • Wire
  • Ribbon


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