Outdoor Christmas Light Ideas


Christmas lights make every Christmas display stand out. They catch the attention of people from a distance and make them seek your home so they can see the display better. Buy outside or weatherproof lights, so they don't short out in bad weather. You will need a ladder, a hammer and nails to install the lights.


String lights around your doors, windows and railings. Frame your house in lights by stringing the lights around the eaves and top of the roof. In dark places, use a projector to project Christmas scenes on your house. Although you can either use colored or white lights alone, a combination makes the display stand out more. Icicle lights hung from the roof create a snowed-in look. Even though you normally place them inside the house, electric candles in your windows add to the outside lighting of your home. Add lights to wreaths, even ordinary ones, to have them stand out. If your roof is flat, put a lighted Santa Claus with his reindeer on it.


Decorate the trees in your yard. They don't have to be fir trees. Any tree or bush will do. Unlike the tree you have inside, you only need lights to make the trees outside stand out. However, if you have waterproof decorations, hang them on your outside trees. If you have a couple of trees close together, or one close to your house, have a Santa and his reindeer on a wire stretched between them.


Put lighted decorations in your yard. These include candy canes, soldiers, snowmen and even Santa Claus. Inflatable decorations and snow globes are popular these days, and many people use them to cover large areas of their yard, to minimize dark places. A lighted train covers a large unlighted space, too. And don't forget the Nativity scene that you can put in a special spot in your yard. You may want to keep this apart from the more commercial decorations.

Other Ideas

Put lights on poles and lampposts. Mark your path by adding lighted candy canes, candles or other markers. Don't forget fences, since you can add light displays there too, including lighted wreaths. Light the back of the house, including patio areas. Don't forget the backyard, which may be an ideal spot for an inflatable decoration or snow globe. Add small, lighted displays in your garden.


The first rule of Christmas decorating is that your display is well-maintained. Check your display daily for burned-out lights and items that have fallen down. Doing these things will assure that your Christmas display will draw people to admire it.

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