Homemade Snowman Costumes


If you want to ramp up the holiday spirit at Christmastime, a homemade snowman costume is sure to do the trick. Especially cute on a little boy or girl, a simple snowman costume can lighten the mood of even the grouchiest Scrooge.

Gather the Materials

A homemade snowman costume requires only a few basic materials to get started: a white sweatsuit, white tennis shoes, a knit black hat, fake snow spray paint, colorful mittens, a scarf, three black pom-poms, and some polyester fiber filling (or similar material) to round out your snowman's shape. Festive Christmas socks are optional, but they add to the mood. You can also pick up a white face mask and a fake carrot from an arts and crafts store. If you choose to skip the face mask, you can opt instead for white face paint, a piece of orange construction paper, and elastic string for your snowman's face.

Assemble the Costume

Glue the pom poms in a vertical row on the front of the white sweatshirt so they look like coal buttons, and then spray the fake snow on the hat. Try not to use too much fake snow; you only need enough to simulate a light dusting of snow on the snowman's black hat. If you went with the face mask, glue the fake carrot in place over the nose area. Otherwise, roll your construction paper diagonally into a cone shape. Make sure that the cone is big enough to fit over your snowman's nose without restricting breathing. When you have the shape just right, glue the edges together to hold the shape and then poke a very small hole in each side of the open end of the cone. Measure out the elastic thread so that it's just large enough to fit snugly over your snowman's head, from one side of the nose to the other. Thread the string through the holes on each side of the orange cone and tie knots to hold the string in place. Now you have your snowman's carrot nose.

Get Your Snowman Ready

Dress your snowman-to-be in the sweatsuit, socks, shoes and hat. Stuff some of the polyester fiber filling into the sweatpants, tuck the sweatshirt into the sweatpants, and put more filling into the sweatshirt to make your snowman nice and plump. If the filling is too itchy, have your snowman put on a thin, long-sleeved T-shirt and pair of pants underneath the sweatsuit. If you went with the mask, put it in place once your snowman is fully dressed. For the face paint option, spread the white face paint over everything but your snowman's nose, which you'll cover with the construction paper carrot.

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