Inexpensive Table Centerpiece Ideas for Christmas

Add a festive touch to your holiday table with a centerpiece that reveals you seasonal spirit. Turn recycled materials, craft supplies you have on hand or items from the dollar store into inexpensive table embellishments featuring holiday colors and motifs. Arrangements can also serve as thoughtful hostess gifts if you're attending a Christmas party or family gathering.

Ornament Bowl

Create an inexpensive arrangement with ornaments "borrowed" from your Christmas tree or purchased at a second-hand store. Choose a large glass bowl and pile colorful glass ornaments inside of it. You can also arrange the glass balls on a three-tiered dessert dish or in a long, narrow basket. Add a deluxe touch by tucking sprigs of holly leaves and snippets from a Christmas tree branch between the ornaments.

Candle and Cranberries

Design a simple holiday centerpiece using an inexpensive white pillar candle and a glass cylinder vase from a dollar store. Place a 6- to 8-inch-tall candle in the center of a clear vase that's at least as tall as the candle. Ensure the candle the type that allows the melted wax to pool in the center of the candle as opposed to dripping down the side. These "dripless" candles minimize mess and won't damage the accents surrounding the candle. Pour fresh cranberries into the vase around the candle until they reach three-quarters of the way up the side of the candle. If you have a small table, make three of the cranberry and candle accents in different heights to cluster in the center. If you have a long table, make four to six accents of the same height to position at even increments across the table.

Glittered Accents

Add sparkle to your holiday gathering by coating rustic elements such as unshelled nuts, pinecones or twigs with paint and glitter. Coat the items with a layer of spray paint that matches your holiday tableware. While the paint is still wet, dust the surface with a light coat of extra-fine clear, silver, white or gold glitter. Allow the accents to dry overnight. Display the shimmering embellishments in shallow white bowls, tin buckets or white baskets.

Card Collage

Turn recycled Christmas cards into a centerpiece featuring seasonal images and sentiments. Select a picture frame from your home that's currently displaying a 4-by-6-inch to an 8-by-10-inch photo to create this temporary holiday accent. Cut a piece of card stock to the same dimension as the photo. Use scissors or a craft knife to cut holiday images, words or quotes from old Christmas cards. Affix the snippets to the card stock with a glue stick or double-stick tape, letting the edges overlap so the card stock doesn't show through. Remove the backing from the frame and place the card collage over the existing photo. Reattach the back of the frame. Create three framed collages to display back-to-back in a triangular formation on your holiday table.

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