How to Decorate Photos With Mini Lights and Netting


Displaying your photos is one of the best ways to keep those warm memories near. Perhaps nothing sets off those special photos more than having them displayed around a stunning light display. In recent years, lights such as the net lights found around Christmastime offer a good alternative to other methods of lighting. Net lights are pretty and soft, and offer an extra bonus of being an unusual backdrop against which you can display all your photos.

Step 1

Decide where in your home you're going to put your photo display. A fireplace mantel offers a good focal point for this type of presentation. A piano top also is a good choice. In this example, a fireplace mantel is used.

Step 2

Select your photos for the display. Old black-and-white photos make a nice display if you want a nostalgic feeling, but any photos that mean something to you will work.

Step 3

Mount the photos in frames and set them aside.

Step 4

Hammer three or four nails about a foot apart high above the mantel. You will hang the net lights from these, so it's fine if they hang loosely; that gives them the look of a hanging net.

Step 5

Place your mini-light strings on the mantel, but don't secure them with tape yet.

Step 6

Position the photos; hang the wall photos first so the free-standing photos, which go on the mantel, won't be knocked over.

Step 7

Create a photo centerpiece on your mantel with the free-standing photos. If your photos are different sizes, place the tallest ones in the center. The photo sizes get smaller as you work your way outward.

Step 8

Move the string of mini lights so that it's arranged around the free-standing pictures. The strand should weave in and out of the photos.

Step 9

Test the lights to make sure they reflect off the frames in a way you like.

Step 10

Hang a strand of net lights on the windows underneath sheer curtains. Place photos on the window sill if you can. Repeat the lights and photo motif around the room.

Things You'll Need

  • Bundle of net lights
  • String of mini lights
  • Photos
  • Clear photo frames
  • Silver photo frames
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Clear tape


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