Recycled Light Bulb Christmas Crafts


The next time a light bulb burns out, don't throw the old one in the trash can. These seemingly useless old bulbs can transform into a Christmas ornament, which you can hang on your own tree or give them as gifts. You likely already have the materials on hand to make these Christmas decorations.


The light bulb serves as the base of the homemade Christmas decorations. You can use new light bulbs but recycled ones makes it a more environmentally friendly craft. You'll also need strips of newspaper, paper mache paste, paint, craft foam, ribbon and a hot glue gun. You can add other embellishments as desired to put your own personal touch on the ornaments.


The paper mache process protects the light bulb and makes the craft easier to paint. To make paper mache paste, mix one part flour with two parts water. Stir the ingredients together until you achieve a thick paste consistency. Dip the newspaper strips into the paste, remove the excess with your fingers and place the strip over the light bulb. Continue adding strips until the light bulb is covered. Let it dry before adding two more layers.


You can decorate the light bulb to make reindeer, Santa, penguins or snowmen. Use the large round part of the light bulb for the bottom. Paint the paper mache-covered light bulb in a color that matches the design you choose. Use craft foam, additional paint colors or other craft supplies to create features on your characters. For example, on a reindeer head light bulb ornament, paint the entire bulb brown. Glue on wiggly eyes and a red pom pom for the nose. Paint on a smile. Cut antlers out of craft foam and glue them to the top. Once your decoration is painted, hot glue a loop of ribbon to the top for a hanger. For a snowman, the large round part of the bulb is the bottom half of the snowman while the narrower section is decorated as the snowman's head.

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