How to Grow Your Own Christmas Tree


It can take six to 12 years to grow a Christmas tree. Planning your strategy correctly means that you can have your own Christmas tree within this time frame, if you do it properly.

Step 1

Prepare the land that your tree will grow upon. This may include removing logs, stumps, and other obstacles that may be in the way. It can also mean totally getting rid of trees, bushes, or plants that would hinder the new tree's growth. Sometimes it is necessary to start preparing the land year or two in advance of actually planting your tree.

Step 2

Order your seedlings. This should be done between February through May, as this is the perfect time to plant new Christmas trees. You don't want your seedlings to dry out or get overheated, and that is why waiting until summer to plant is not a good idea. Most tree nurseries will sell you seedlings at a modest price.

Step 3

Weed your newly planted Christmas tree. They can kill young trees rather easily. You can combat weeds by spraying pesticides in the early fall and and springtime. You should also mow the grass around your tree often to avoid any type of vegetation from growing.

Step 4

Start shearing about three years after planting your tree. You should do this annually thereafter. The purpose of shearing is to give the tree its cone appearance as most Christmas trees are shaped. You do this simply by cutting branches to give it this form.

Step 5

Control insect infestations with fungicides and pesticides. It is vital that you only use the proper amount of these chemicals as outlined on their label, or they could be damaging to your tree.

Step 6

Spray your mature tree with a colorant to give it a true green color if you want. It hides the yellowing that mature trees tend to develop.

Things You'll Need

  • Seedlings
  • Planting equipment
  • Fungicides or pesticides
  • Colorant, optional
  • Fertilizer, optional

Who Can Help

  • Virginia Cooperative Extension: Christmas Trees
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