Christmas Flower Centerpiece Ideas

Christmas flower centerpieces often use the colors red, green, gold and silver to create a seasonally festive decoration. Traditionally, the decorations also use poinsettias, the classic Christmas flower. However, you can use a variety of colors and flowers to create a holiday centerpiece that suits your decor. The centerpiece can be simple, such as red and green jelly beans in a clear vase with white carnations, or complex, such as a flower and wire sculpture of Santa Claus.

Earthy Centerpieces

Use natural materials, such as pine cones and boughs, to create Christmas flower centerpieces with an earthy feel. Fill a clear bowl with a mixture of tiny pine cones and gold beads. Scatter several red pansy blossoms over the pine cones for a simple earthy style. Fill a clear vase with alternating layers of whole cranberries, gold flower petals, green leaves and white flower petals for a modern earthy style. Use pine boughs, willow branches, silver ribbon, white mums and red mums to create a large wreath that sits flat in the center of the table. Place a tall, red pillar candle in the middle of the wreath to create an earthy centerpiece with a classic style. You can also fill the middle of the wreath with decoratively stacked fruit, vegetables or candy.

Fancy Centerpieces

Use Christmas flower centerpieces with an elaborate appearance to help create a formal mood for your holiday party. Fill a clear cylinder vase with gold, reindeer-shaped, decorative stones. Add a flared arrangement of ivy, fern, leather-leaf, white rosebuds, cream rosebuds, red roses and dark red roses dusted with gold glitter for a lavish style. Cover a large Styrofoam ball with red orchid blooms and tie a thin green ribbon around the ball like a package. Tie the ribbon in a bow at the top to create an over-sized tree ornament. Add a green votive candle on each side of the floral ball to complete the Christmas flower centerpiece. Cover a Styrofoam cone with red, green and white orchid blooms and place a large gold bow at the top to create a decorative tree or topiary centerpiece.

Traditional Centerpieces

Christmas flower centerpieces that use poinsettias are very popular. The potted plants can be dressed up with a painted planter or a ribbon tied around the pot rim. Use a red poinsettia in a white pot wrapped with green ribbon for a simple style. Dust a little gold glitter over a white poinsettia and place it in a gold pot for a sparkling look. Fill a sleigh-shaped vase with a rounded bouquet of red carnations, white carnations and ivy for a low-cost Christmas flower centerpiece. Arrange a tall bouquet of red roses and green ferns in a frosted glass vase, and tie it with a silver and green ribbon. Create a fanned bouquet with red-berry covered branches, gold-berry covered branches, pine boughs and white roses in a green glass vase for a festive centerpiece.

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