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You can make a holiday centerpiece with decorations and craft items that you already have in your home. This adds a festive air without breaking your holiday budget. Create a Christmas homemade centerpiece with custom colors to match your table setting for a cohesive look.

Centerpiece Balance

A homemade Christmas centerpiece should balance your personal style with the holidays. This means using traditional items in unconventional ways. Instead of putting flowers in a vase, put them on the vase. Use hot glue on red flower heads to affix them to the vase. A small evergreen branch inside the vase completes the holiday look. A wreath doesn't have to hang on the door; it can decorate the table. Use the wreath by itself, or put candleholders or a traditional flower arrangement instead of it. Spruce up a wreath form with mini-pine cones, red berries or ball ornaments.

Centerpiece Height and Color

If you are using traditional centerpiece items such as candles or greenery, arrange them in an unusual way. Soup cans add height to pinecones or candles. Just make sure you cover the cans with greenery or ribbon. Christmas centerpieces don't have to be in the traditional colors of red and green. For an unexpected elegant centerpiece base your floral arrangement off of the colors of snow. Pair fluffy white hydrangeas and eucalyptus leaves in a pewter or glass vase. Silver balls, garlands and candles make a shimmering centerpiece. If you want to use traditional colors, look for unexpected flowers. Daisies may remind you more of spring, so red daises add an unexpected touch to a holiday table. Tie it into the season with dried twigs and red berries.

Ornament and Light Centerpieces

Arrange ornaments in a bowl for a centerpiece that will last throughout the season. You can also create a low centerpiece that looks like mistletoe. Start out with a long gold platter. You can gild faux leaves with gold spray paint for an elegant touch. Place red ball ornaments on top of the bed of leaves. The ornaments will look like oversize berries. Fill in any gaps with faux berries. Give importance to a few ornaments by placing your favorites on top of candleholders. You can even spell out a word by using glitter puff paint to paint a letter on each ornament. Give an ordinary cake plate a holiday air by putting pine cones and dried berries on it for a quick centerpiece. Save burnt out Christmas light bulbs. The old-fashioned bulbs are larger and colorful even when turned off. Place the bulbs in a glass bowl for a centerpiece with humor. You can also create decorative balls from the light bulbs. Paint a foam ball the same color as the bulbs. Make holes into the foam ball and then glue the bulb into the hole. Place the funky spheres in a silver platter for a low profile centerpiece.

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