Clear Glass Ornament Crafts


Sparkling ornaments of all sizes add a festive touch to the home. Crafting your own glass ornaments makes them more sentimental. In addition to sprucing up your own tree, homemade ornaments make fun personalized gifts for any recipient. They are inexpensive to make and work well for co-workers, neighbors and others on your guest list. Kids also enjoy participating in ornament craft projects, making it an ideal family activity.


The clear glass ornaments are sold in craft stores in a variety of sizes. The metal tops have a loop for hanging and come off, allowing you to add decorations to the inside of the ornaments. You'll also need materials to add decoration to the ornaments. Common options include shredded paper used in gift baskets, paint, glitter, scrapbook paper and stickers. You'll also need a hanger for the ornaments that might include string, ribbon or metal hooks.

Decorating Ideas

Placing the decorations on the inside of the glass ball ornaments protects the decorations. Since the balls are clear, the decorations are still visible. Place paper shreds of various colors inside the balls. Choose general Christmas colors or colors that match the home. Another inside decoration idea is to pour a few drops of paint inside the balls. Turn them in various directions to cover the inside of the ball. The different paint colors swirl together and create one-of-a-kind patterns on the homemade ornaments. You can also add the decoration to the exterior of the ornaments. Ideas for exterior decoration include painting a design, adding stickers or covering them in glitter. To cover the balls in glitter, spread a thin layer of glue over the surface. Sprinkle with one or more colors of glitter. You can also combine the two types of decorations. For instance, fill the inside with paper shreds. Monogram the outside by placing a letter sticker on it. Make a glitter monogram by writing the letter in glue and covering it with glitter. Shake off the excess and allow it to dry.


Decorating your own tree is an obvious use for the homemade ball ornaments. You can make decorations that fit the color scheme or theme of your tree for a lot less than purchasing commercial ornaments. Another option is to hang the ornaments from lengths of ribbon in the window. Place several of them in a glass container for a table-top display. Add them to a wreath and hang them on the front door.

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