Homemade Photo Ornaments


Creating a homemade picture frame ornament is an inexpensive way to give a personalized gift. You can choose a craft simple enough for children to do or one a little harder for adults to do. Either way, they don't require a great deal of time or money. Most of the supplies can be found around the house.

Popsicle Stick Photo Ornament

Homemade photo ornaments are ideal crafts for kids because they can be very simple to make, inexpensive and personalized. One idea for a kid's photo ornament is to make a frame out of Popsicle sticks. A suggestion from Disney Family Fun is to make a Popsicle stick-framed picture ornament. You will need eight Popsicle sticks, white craft glue, a small piece of ribbon and some construction paper. Help the child glue the Popsicle sticks together, side-by-side in sets of two. When you are done, you should have four sets of two Popsicle sticks. Allow the glue time to dry; it should only take a few minutes. Lay two of the Popsicle stick sets horizontally on the table parallel to each other. Lay the other two sets of Popsicle sticks vertically on top of the other two so the four sets of Popsicle sticks create a box. One at a time, lift the vertical sets up and put a dab of glue on the horizontal ones where the vertical ones will be attached. Leave the Popsicle frame for at least an hour to give the glue time to completely dry. Then cut out a piece of construction paper so it is roughly the same size as the frame. Put a line of craft glue across the bottom and two sides of the construction paper, and then press it firmly against the back of the Popsicle stick frame. Allow the glue time to dry. You will have created a pocket so you can slide a picture into the frame through the top of the frame. Make a loop out of the ribbon, and glue the two ends to the back of the construction paper near the top of the frame. This will allow the frame to be hung once the picture is in it.

Wax Paper Photo Ornament

An idea for older kids is to make flat ornaments out of wax paper. Cut out different shapes such as a circle, heart and diamond. Use the shapes as patterns to make a second of each the same size. Lay the first cut-out flat on an ironing board. Then use an old cheese grater to grate some crayon shavings. Spread the shavings on the first piece of wax paper. Cut the photo so it is a bit smaller than the wax paper shape. Lay the photo, picture side up, on top of the crayon shavings. Lay the second piece of wax paper on top. Then have an adult gently press a warm iron down on the wax paper. The heat from the iron will make the wax on the wax paper and the crayon shavings melt and bond together. Make a loop out of a piece of ribbon and glue it to the back so the ornament can be hung.

Glass Globe Ornament

Here's a craft for teens or adults: Kaboose suggests using glass globes to make photo ornaments. Buy some clear glass globe ornaments at a craft store. Cut a photo in a circle so that the diameter of the photo is no wider than the diameter of the globe ornaments you purchased. Being careful not to crease it, wrap the photo around the end of a pencil and insert the pencil into the globe ornament. Once the picture is through the neck of the ornament, the photo will flatten out away from the pencil. You can further decorate the globe by filling the portion of the globe behind the picture with confetti, ribbon, beads or glitter. You can also write on the outside of the globe with a paint pen. You can add a personal message, your name or the year.

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