Candy Cane Centerpiece Ideas

Turn excess candy canes into a candy cane centerpiece, which will unify your table and add a festive touch to your table decor. The red and white colors add an elegant dash of holiday cheer and serve as a great foil for a stunning flower arrangement or simple candle. These inexpensive, simple arrangements can also serve as party favors. Consider letting guests take a candy cane home with them after a party or gathering for a sweet finish to the evening.


Spray paint a clean, empty soup can red, and glue it open end facing down onto an inexpensive glass coaster---this creates the candle pedestal. Hot glue candy canes in a ring around the outside of the can; make sure their hooks face out and that their bottoms touch the table. Tie a red ribbon around the arrangement, and glue it into place. Position a candle on top of the can---it should just peek over the top of the ring of candy canes. For an even easier spin on this project, place a candle into a margarita glass, and hang candy canes around the perimeter (hooks will face in). Put the margarita glass onto a crystal candle base for an instant centerpiece with no glue needed.

Flower Vase

Locate or purchase a low, cylinder vase, and wrap the center of it with a strip of double-sided tape. Slip a rubber band around the vase, and insert candy canes (with the hook facing out) all the way around the vase. Tie a ribbon around the arrangement to conceal the rubber band. Arrange red or white roses or pom-pom carnations in the vase for an easy but elegant candy cane flower vase.

Candy Cane Pedestal Arrangement

Purchase or borrow two crystal or glass cake pedestals: one large and one smaller, as well as an array of crystal shot or cordial glasses in varying sizes and designs. Place the smaller pedestal on top of the larger one. Fill the shot/cordial glasses with white marshmallows or pastel mints to resemble snow, and put two to three miniature candy canes inside of each glass. Position the shot/cordial glasses around the edges of both pedestals, and sprinkle candy cane pieces between the glasses on the pedestals.

Candy Cane Bowl and Matching Candleholders

Purchase two 12-inch diameter plastic cake domes from a local bakery or cake decorating supply store. Trim them down so that you can hook a candy cane over the edge so that it still touches the bottom of the table. Place one dome inside the other with a sheet of white tissue paper sandwiched between them. Glue an array of 1 oz. candy canes around the circumference of the bowl; some should have the "hook" facing in, while others should face out. You will probably need about 50 candy canes to completely cover the outside of the bowl. Tie a ribbon around the arrangement, and place several blocks of florist's foam (completely soaked with water) inside of the bowl. Arrange sprigs of holly, roses and carnations tightly together inside the bowl. Create matching candleholders by tying a red ribbon around small glass votives and tucking sprigs of holly and small candy canes inside.

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