How to Make a Place Card Holder From a Fork


Place cards are a beautiful, finishing touch on a holiday or event table. Before dinner even starts guests will feel special and welcomed when they see their names laid out so elegantly. You do not have to be a super crafter to come up with a fabulous place card or place card holder. You can make one easily in just a matter of minutes. When dinner is over, guests will have a pretty keepsake to tuck away into a scrapbook or photo album.

Step 1

Turn on your computer and open your graphics program. If your program does not have a place card template then choose one that you would use when making a business card. This should be the single card style, not the tent style.

Step 2

Choose a pretty font and write the first name of each of your guest on one card. That's one name on each card. If you have pictures of all your guests on a digital camera, you may include a photo as well. Download the photos from the digital card in your camera. Open the pictures in the graphics program. Drag the pictures next to the names of your guests. You may need to re-size the name or the picture.

Step 3

Load your printer with the card stock. Save your work and print the place cards. If you have an inkjet printer you may need to let the ink dry for a few minutes before working with the cards further.

Step 4

Use the pinking shears and cut the cards from the sheet of card stock. If you are using perforated card stock, then pull the cards away from the sheet first. Then trim the edges carefully with the pinking sheers. The sheers will give edges of the place cards a pretty finish.

Step 5

Punch a hole in the center bottom of the place cards. Cut six inches of ribbon from the 1/18 inch ribbon. Carefully pull the ribbon through the hole and tie it in a pretty knot.

Step 6

Lay the tiny fork in the center of your guests dinner plate. Tuck the place card under the first and last tines of the fork. Position the fork to rest vertically with the tines and the card facing up. Guests should be able to read their name as they sit down.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Graphics program
  • Color printer
  • Card stock
  • Pinking shears
  • Digital camera
  • Hole punch
  • 1/18 wide silk ribbon
  • Tiny gold plated forks


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