Christmas Window Display Ideas

Whether you run a small accounting business out of your home or a large retail business in a busy mall, you want to have a beautiful and clever Christmas window display every year. No matter what kind of display you choose, remember that it needs to promote your business and sell your product as well as demonstrate your holiday spirit and sense of fun. Start with a sparkling-clean window and solid-colored backdrop and floor, and try these ideas out.

The Religious Display

While a religious window display is not appropriate for every business, in some regions and trades it may be perfect. The best rule for the religious display is: if you're going to decorate using the birth of Christ, don't do it halfway; go all-out. Don't forget about the other religious holidays held at the same time as Christmas, if appropriate for your area and potential customers. Jewish shoppers and clients will be impressed if your display includes a dreidel, for example, and a Christmas tree decorated in Kwanzaa colors of black, red, and green will capture the attention of African-American customers who celebrate that holiday. Keep in mind the size of the window you have to display your creche. Large windows are fantastic for lifesize Christmas window displays; smaller windows lend themselves better to half-size displays, with good lighting to draw attention to the central figures.

The Traditional Display

Traditional Christmas window displays can be separated into two categories: the ones that feature Santa Claus or some aspect of Santa and gift-giving, and those that focus more on the theme of winter fun in the form of snowmen, sleigh rides, ice skating etc. For a great traditional display, focus on either appropriateness or contrast to your area. For example, suppose you're decorating a store window in Miami. You might do a beach scene featuring Santa at the beach, or a snowman fanning himself in the sun. Or you might use the contrast: palm trees and a sunny sky with glistening snowflakes dangled from the ceiling, as if it were snowing. Make sure it's something that catches the eye and makes your prospective customers think. One advantage of this display is that you're not limited to Christmas and the Christmas season; remove anything referencing the holidays after Christmas, and you're left with a great seasonal display.


From the baby whose birth is celebrated in the very name of the holiday to the child opening gifts today, Christmas is uniquely about making children happy. If your window display can reflect that spirit of the season, you are guaranteed to capture the attention of your viewers. The key is to ensure parents and others purchasing gifts for their children are able to envision their little ones in the figures you put in your windows. Start by putting child figures in your display in action similar to the children in your area; if you live in Hawaii, put them at the beach, and if you live in the mountains, have them building snowmen. Then create touching moments: one child laughing with another, the excitement of gifts being received or the new puppy licking a little boy's nose. Keep the children's faces concealed to make it easier to visualize any child in that position. This sort of display is most effective when used to highlight merchandise you are selling in your own store, attaching the emotion in your Christmas window display to the gifts you can offer. Most importantly, tell a story with your display that invites the viewer to join.

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