How to Make Personalized Glass Bulb Christmas Ornaments


Personalized glass bulb Christmas ornaments add a nice touch to your Christmas tree. You can easily make one for every family member to give them their own name on the family Christmas tree. Personalized glass bulb ornaments also make nice inexpensive homemade gifts.

Step 1

Take a single blown glass ornament and hold it in the opposite hand from the one you write with. You will be writing with the glue as if it was a pen or marker.

Step 2

Open the glue tip and with the glue carefully write a name across one side of the glass ornament. You can do it in printing or cursive but make sure you space loops and swirls so it doesn't end up being difficult to read the name on the ornament. Don't make the glue too thick.

Step 3

Hold the ball carefully over the plate or newspaper and sprinkle glitter over the glue writing. Shake or tap off the excess loose glitter onto the plate or paper. It can be put back in the container and used again as long as it isn't gluey.

Step 4

Leave the ornament to dry for a couple hours. Personalized glass bulb ornaments are very easy to make. This is a wonderfully simple project for the whole family to do. It is also great for a group of children.

Things You'll Need

  • Colored glass Christmas ball ornaments
  • White school or craft glue with an applicator tip
  • Container of glitter in a color contrasting the glass balls
  • Newspaper or a plate to work on
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