Xmas Decorating & Craft Ideas


Decorating for Christmas doesn't have to be expensive. There are a lot of easy, inexpensive craft projects you can do to make some beautiful decorations for your holiday season.


Recycle your old Christmas cards to make a set of holiday place mats. Arrange and paste the covers on card stock, then cover them with contact paper.


Collect pine cones and spray paint them gold or silver, or brush the tips with white paint for a snow-covered look. Screw eyelet hooks into the top to hang them.


Spruce up plain-glass pillar candles by giving them a stained-glass look. Tear pieces of colored tissue gift paper and glue them onto the outside of the glass with clear-drying craft glue.


Make beautiful strings of your own garland for the tree or to deck the walls. String cranberries, popcorn sprayed with glitter glue, cinnamon sticks, dried rose buds or shiny beads for a great display.


Make a simple but exciting wreath. Hot glue bright-colored plastic ornament balls onto a grapevine or Styrofoam wreath form. Add a bow and hang it on your front door.


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