Tips on Decorating a Bathroom for Xmas


The bathroom deserves as much holiday decorating as the rest of the house. During the Christmas season, guests will visit the bathroom, along with the other rooms in the house, so decorating the bathroom is an essential part of your household holiday decorations. How far you're willing to go with your bathroom decorations is totally up to you.


If the rest of your house is decorated simply, don't go overboard on the bathroom. Even hanging a simple Christmas picture in place of the usual bathroom photograph is an easy alternative for Christmastime. Use photographs of Christmas trees, cities decorated with Christmas decorations or whatever catches your interest. For children's bathrooms, have the kids create their own Christmas artwork, and frame it to hang on the walls.


Many retailers sell Christmas towels and washcloths specifically designed for Christmas bathroom decorations. If you're feeling crafty, make your own, using plain towels, fabric paint and Christmas stencils. Stick with the popular green and red Christmas colors or other popular Christmas themes such as Santa, reindeer, snowflakes and presents. Some stores sell these towels and washcloths in a set, or you can buy them separately. Shower curtains and bath mats can be purchased to fit with the holiday theme. If your bathroom has a window, find matching curtains to pull the bathroom linens together.


Look for Christmas-themed bathroom decorations, such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders and soap pumps. Like towels and washcloths, these can be found in a set or individually. Buy these decorations in popular Christmas colors or even shaped like Santa or snowmen. Different decorations are designed for children's bathrooms as well as for adult or common area bathrooms.

Plants & Scents

Buy Christmas plants and flowers to decorate the bathroom, especially if you have a lot of extra counter space. These can include poinsettias, holly or mistletoe. Purchase candles, wall plug-ins or other popular Christmas or holiday scents. Bathroom sprays can be found in Christmas scents around the holiday season.

Time Frame

Most holiday decorations begin to go up around Thanksgiving time. Putting your decorations up before the first few days before Christmas will allow you to get more use out of the decorations you have purchased or made for the holiday. By choosing "winter" decorations, such as snowmen or snowflakes, over "Christmas" decorations, you'll be able to keep them up past Christmas. Otherwise, most holiday decorations usually disappear after New Year's Day.

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