Christmas Arts & Crafts Ideas


The sights and sounds of the Christmas holiday season offer inspiration for many arts and crafts projects. These Christmas craft projects provide entertainment and double as festive decorations for the home. Christmas crafts also offer an affordable and personalized Christmas gift option for family and friends. Adapt the crafts to match your personal style and crafting skill level.

Styrofoam Cone Trees

Use Styrofoam craft cones as the basis of a Christmas tree craft. Paint the cone green. Sprinkle glitter on a paper plate, and roll the wet foam craft cone in the glitter. The wet paint picks up the glitter pieces, adding a sparkling touch to the Christmas tree. Add star stickers, puffy paint ornaments and other embellishments to create the appearance of a Christmas tree. Glue a wooden star to the top of the Styrofoam tree as the finishing touch.

Homemade Christmas Wrapping Paper

Create homemade Christmas wrapping paper to add a customized look under the tree. Start with a roll of plain craft paper. Use paint to add Christmas decorations to the paper. Use paint brushes to freehand Christmas designs or use Christmas stamps to decorate the paper. Allow the homemade Christmas wrapping paper to dry fully before wrapping the presents.

Christmas Wreath

Create a homemade Christmas wreath using cardboard and green handprint cutouts. Trace your hand several times on green construction paper or decorative paper, and cut out each of the hands. Trace a large circular object, such as a bowl, on a piece of cardboard. Draw another smaller circle inside the first, which will identify the center part of the wreath that is removed. Cut out the large circle and the middle of the circle to create the structure for the wreath. Glue the green handprints onto the cardboard wreath to create the appearance of pine boughs. Decorate the wreath with Christmas candy, stickers and construction paper cutouts to resemble ornaments. Add a Christmas bow to the top of the wreath.

Felt Stockings

Create homemade stockings using felt in Christmas colors. Purchase a length of felt that will accommodate the number of stockings you wish to make. Create a template in the stocking shape that you wish to use, either tracing the shape from another source or drawing a freehand template. Trace the stocking shape onto the felt, making two pieces for each stocking. Pin two of the stocking shapes together and hand-stitch them together with a simple blanket stitch. Use a line of craft or hot glue to hold the two pieces together for a non-sewing version of the felt stockings. Add any embellishments to the stocking, such as beads or Christmas cutouts from felt. Cut a thin strip of felt, make a loop with it and glue or stitch it to the top of the stocking as the hanger.

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