How to Decorate Xmas Trees


The decorated Christmas tree has been popular since its birth in 1510 as a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Decorating a Christmas tree is a way to celebrate Christmas as well as family memories. Many families collect ornaments from year to year to serve as reminders when they are hung on their tree. Decorating a Christmas tree is not difficult and may be easier than you think. Supplies you need to decorate your tree can be purchased at a garden center or any store that sells holiday decorations.

Step 1

Choose the right place for the Christmas tree. A popular place is near a window so others can see your Christmas lights twinkle at night. Most trees go in a living room or family room. If your living room is not very large, buy a small tree. Many garden centers sell a variety of Christmas trees in different sizes and at different prices. Water a live Christmas tree twice a day to keep it hydrated. Buying an artificial Christmas tree is a good option for families with allergies. Artificial Christmas trees are also better for the environment.

Step 2

Give the tree a few hours to let its branches "fall" after it is set up. That helps your tree find its natural shape and appear fuller.

Step 3

Wrap a tree skirt around the tree's bottom to hide the tree stand.

Step 4

String the lights. Start at the top of the tree and wrap lights around the tree to its bottom.

Step 5

Wrap garland around the tree. Begin at the top of the tree and wrap the garland until you reach the bottom of the tree.

Step 6

Hang ornaments to give your tree its personality. Using the same ornaments each year builds memories and traditions. When hanging ornaments, less is more. Too many ornaments look cluttered and busy. Hanging ornaments that have sentimental value and meaning gives your tree a unique touch. If you have an excessive amount of ornaments, donate some to shelters, hospitals or nursing homes.

Tips and Warnings

  • If your tree is tall, use a step stool to reach its top.

Things You'll Need

  • Live or artificial Christmas tree
  • Water
  • Christmas tree skirt (optional)
  • Christmas tree stand (if live tree)
  • String lights
  • Garland
  • Variety of ornaments


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