How to Make Jingle Bell Garland

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This garland is a fantastic addition to your Christmas decorations. It is also super easy to make. It looks great and sounds even better. You can hang it anywhere, on your tree, across your mantle or around the front door. Everyone will want to know where you purchased this garland because they are going to want some for their house. You can create this craft in less than an hour and make it in a color to match your decor.

Step 1

Cut your wire to be a foot longer than the space that you want to use it in.

Step 2

Put on a bell and twist the wire by turning the bell around once. This will prevent the bell from sliding down the wire. Put on another bell so that the body of the bell is at least one inch from the body of the next bell. Twist the wire again and repeat until you get to the end of your wire.

Step 3

Start the red garland at the end of the wire and wrap it around between the bells all the way down the wire. This will cover the wire and give your garland some color. Twist the ends of the garland into the ends of the wire to keep it in place. Hang in your desired location.

Things You'll Need

  • Large silver jingle bells
  • Red garland
  • Craft wire
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