How to Make Jingle Bell Napkin Rings


Nothing says Christmas quite like jingle bells. For your next holiday party, set the table with festive napkin rings that not only appeal to the eye, but the ear as well. These jingle bell crafts only take minutes to make, and after the party, hang them on the branches of your Christmas tree or around door handles.

Step 1

Bend the bottom half-inch of one end of the pipe cleaner to the side to create an L. Without this step, the jingle bells fall off.

Step 2

Feed the straight end of the pipe cleaner through the holes at the top of all nine jingle bells, stringing them in a line. Bend the excess pipe cleaner at the opposite end to the side to hold the jingle bells in place.

Step 3

Bring the two ends of the pipe cleaner together and twist to create a circle of jingle bells.

Step 4

Place the red ribbon on top of the green ribbon. Holding both of the ribbons, tie them over the twisted portion of the pipe cleaner to hide the ends of the pipe cleaner and add a festive touch. Let the ends of the ribbon hang down.

Step 5

Place a folded napkin through the jingle bell ring and set it on the table with the ribbons facing up. Repeat until the desired number of napkin rings has been made.

Things You'll Need

  • For each napkin ring:
  • 6-inch length of pipe cleaner
  • 9 large jingle bells
  • 6-inch length of red ribbon (optional)
  • 6-inch length of green ribbon (optional)


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