How to Make Small Table Top Decorations for Christmas Cheaply


Christmas brings family and friends together, but it can also bring a strain on your wallet. Holiday style for the home need not be expensive, and you can find a certain satisfaction when you make it yourself. Save money by creating your own festive decor for small tabletops. Turn an ordinary table into a Christmas haven that will brighten the darkest wintry day. Simple instructions will allow you to create an eye-catching centerpiece with matching napkin rings.

Christmas Centerpiece

Step 1

Place the candle on the saucer. Remove any plastic wrappings or stickers from the candle.

Step 2

Cover the saucer with the wreath. Work the stems of the wreath outward and evenly in an up and down pattern, and trim if necessary.

Step 3

Cut the floral wire in 2- to 3-inch pieces and wind once around pine cones and holly sprigs.

Step 4

Attach pine cones and holly sprigs to the wreath. Twist each wire twice to securely fasten. Alternate placement of pine cones and sprigs. Tuck any exposed wires under the wreath stems.

Step 5

Cut a length of ribbon 14 to 16 inches. Weave the ribbon in a wavy pattern around the outside of the wreath.

Christmas Napkin Rings

Step 1

Fold each napkin in half and roll lengthwise.

Step 2

Cut 8 to 9 inches of ribbon. Wrap ribbon gently around the middle of the napkin. Secure the ribbon by tying the ends into a decorative bow. Curl the ends of the ribbon with scissors and snip the ends at a slant.

Step 3

Insert a sprig of holly under the bow. Arrange the sprig in a decorative angle.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended as a precaution to fire hazard. Do not allow the candle to burn within two inches of the wreath or decoration materials.

Things You'll Need

  • 4x6 inch pillar candle
  • Ceramic saucer
  • 8-inch wreath
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • 4 to 5 small pine cones
  • 9 to10 sprigs of holly w/berries
  • Scissors
  • ¼-inch gold ribbon roll
  • 4 cloth napkins


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