How to Make Easy Holiday Pillows


The stores are full of Christmas decorations that everyone else has---how about making your own statement with holiday pillows that you can actually change as the holidays change? These unique pillows are sure to be noticed by all your holiday visitors. One pillow will serve as the backdrop for various holiday motif fronts that button on and off.

Step 1

Cut fabric in the shape of your pillow, but 4 inches on each side smaller. These will become the holiday motif pillow fronts that will change from season to season. Hand sew a 1/2-inch seam on all sides of the fabric.

Step 2

Cut a hole in each corner of the pillow front one inch in from each corner. These holes will become the button holes, so cut them only as wide as the gold buttons are. Center one of the pillow fronts on the pillow and mark the holes on the pillow with a small pencil mark. Sew the four gold buttons onto the pillow at these locations.

Step 3

Sew holiday or seasonal words with double strands of the the embroidery thread onto the pillow front. Ideas might be: Joy, Thanks, Love, Freedom, Spring, Peace, Boo!, Vote or Snow. Add decorative seasonal buttons as the dots on i's or anywhere it seems appropriate. Little jingle bells look especially cute on Christmas pillows.

Step 4

Button off and on the pillow fronts as the seasons change.

Things You'll Need

  • Sofa-sized cushion that fits your decor
  • 4 gold buttons
  • Needle
  • Embroidery thread in various colors
  • Decorative buttons (found in craft store)
  • Seasonal fabric
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