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Christmas is meant to be a holiday to spend time with, and acknowledge, your loved ones, whether they are fur covered or not. Creating your own pet picture ornaments is a great way to exhibit part of your family on your Christmas tree and save yourself the money of having them professionally done.

Find a Picture

The picture should be clear and a good representation of your pet. For example, use one of your pet doing a cute trick or dressed in an outfit, or use just a close-up of his face. Because the picture is for a Christmas ornament, consider a picture that is Christmas themed, such as your pet wearing a Santa hat.

Find a Base

There are several bases that you can use to put your photo on. Consider using both halves of a mirror compact, a lid to a can or a jar lid. All work well because they have flat surfaces, and you probably already have them lying around your home.

Choose a Hanger

You can use ribbon, yarn or an ornament hook as a hanger. If you use a lid as the base, use super glue to attach one hanger to its back. If you use an ornament hook, glue on as is. If you glue on a piece of yarn or ribbon, cut a piece long enough so that you can glue the ends onto the back of the base and form the rest into a loop that fits around a Christmas tree branch. If you use a mirror compact, open it up mirror side down. Next, use a piece of yarn or ribbon long enough for you to glue one end onto the back of each circle of the compact with enough leeway so that the compact hangs open on the tree.

Decorating the Base

You can paint the base or wrap it with Christmas wrapping paper for a festive touch. If you wrap the base, wrap all the way around so you can glue it down on the opposite side of the photo.

Adhering the Picture

In order to fit the picture on the base, you need to cut it. You can cut it in a circle to match the base or in a square and have some of the base show. Adhere the picture using a foam brush and glossy Mod Podge. If you wrapped the base, you also can put Mod Podge on the back to hold the paper down.

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