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Christmas is one of the most special times of the year. Although people often get caught up in the gift-giving aspect of the holiday, it is really supposed to be more about spending quality time with loved ones. Christmas is also a great time to celebrate creativity, such as making Christmas decorations from paper.


Many countries have actually made a tradition out of making paper Christmas decorations, especially in the days leading up to Christmas itself. These traditions have roots in the 18th century. Not only would families come together to make paper Christmas decorations, but women would make a special event out of making paper Christmas decorations with their friends.

Something for Everyone

The fun thing about making paper Christmas crafts is that it is something that everyone can do. Younger children delight in making stars and simple patterns, while older children and adults like making more detailed patterns.

Three-Dimensional Christmas Tree

The first thing that will have to be done is to assemble the necessary components. These are: Crayons, clear tape, green construction paper, scissors and glitter glue. If desired, additional colored items like stickers and construction paper of additional colors can also be used. When all of the items have been assembled, it is now time to make the three-dimensional Christmas tree. Take the green construction paper and fold it in half. Then, cut along the fold line. Take these two pieces, place one on top of the other, and fold them in half. On the side of the paper opposite the fold, draw one vertical half of a Christmas tree. Cut along the fold, and the result is two Christmas trees that are identical. Fold the Christmas trees in half. Then, cut a small slit right along the center of one Christmas tree on the bottom half. Cut another small slit on the top half of the Christmas tree, also along the center. The two Christmas trees can now be joined via sliding the slits together. Fasten the tops and bottoms together with the clear tape, and use glitter glue, crayons, and more colored construction paper to decorate the three-dimensional paper Christmas tree decoration.

Paper Christmas Signpost

A signpost is a fun project to make with children, since the goal is to direct Santa Claus to a particular house. For this project, you will need: Glue, white glitter, a hole punch, green and red paper, a thick sheet of paper (this could also be cardboard paper), red and green acrylic paint, and a piece of ribbon that is 5 inches long. Decorate the large piece of paper however you wish with the red and green paper, acrylic paint and the white glitter. Use the hole punch to punch a hole in the top corners of the sign, and thread the ribbon through it to hang it in the designated place.

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