Christmas Art Projects for Toddlers


Christmas provides a fun theme for toddler art projects. When doing a project with toddlers, have all the materials set up before starting the project. Toddlers don't wait well. Do projects in areas that can get messy. Put an old shirt or smock on the toddler to protect clothing.

Santa Claus

Toddles enjoy gluing. Cut out a face shape, hat and beard out of construction paper. Glue the hat on top of the face and the beard at the bottom of the face. Cut out a mouth, nose and eyes from the construction paper. Pour white glue in a paper cup or on a paper plate. Bring the toddler in. First, show her the face shapes. Hand her a brush to glue on the facial features. Show her the face piece, but let her place the pieces any way she wants. Next, give her cotton balls to glue on the beard. Watch how much glue she uses. Help her sprinkle some glitter from a shaker over the Santa face. Set it aside to dry.


Create a snowman out of card stock, paint and glitter. Cut three different-sized circles out of a piece of card stock. Glue the circles together by stacking from smallest to largest. Set the snowman on newspaper or hang on an easel. Pour white paint into a cup and mix in white glitter. The glitter gives the snowman sparkle. The toddler paints the snowman. Set it aside to dry. Once the snowman dries, have the toddler glue on a paper hat, nose, eyes, mouth and a scarf.

Marble Candy Cane

Paint with marbles to make a candy cane. Set a piece of red or white construction paper in a pan or plastic container. A container with handles works best. Dip a marble, any size, in white or red paint. Set the marble in the tray. Have the toddler move the container around to make the marble roll. Cover the paper with stripes. Remove the marble and paper. Let it dry. Cut out a candy cane from the paper. These make great wall decorations.

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