How to String Lights on a Prelit Tree


Prelit trees are already adorned with clear or multicolored lights to offer the convenience of less work for the owner. Prelit trees are cost effective and can provide versatility. If, however, you want to brighten up your existing color scheme or create a unique style that is all your own, adding lights to your prelit tree is a simple solution.

Step 1

Plug in a strand of lights to be sure all bulbs are working. Leave lights plugged in while placing lights on tree for proper placement. Also plug in the lights that came with the tree.

Step 2

Start at bottom of tree and work from the trunk to outside branches. Wrap light cord around branches, decorating one branch at a time. When you reach the tip of branch, work your way back to trunk.

Step 3

Continue to next branch wrapping the cord as you go (as you did in Step 2), then to the next, and the next...

Step 4

Work your way to top of tree.

Step 5

Inspect placement of lights and adjust as needed/desired.

Tips and Warnings

  • Connect no more than three sets of lights to each other. Never plug more than two extension cords together.

Things You'll Need

  • Lights
  • Extension cord


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Who Can Help

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