Making Christmas Scented Oils


There are two different types of scented oils generally used. One is used on a person's body like a perfume. The other is used as an air freshener to help contribute to a room's atmosphere. Both can be made at home and can add to the festive Christmas season.

Body Oil

To make a body oil fragrance, a person will need an oil such as rice oil, almond oil or canola oil. The fragrance that will be added to the oil can be found at health, herbal or even some bath product stores. Purchase ones that will give off the scents of the Christmas season such as cinnamon, peppermint or apple. Vanilla and pine would work as well. When the fragrances are purchased, the production is simple. A small bottle should be filled with the oil and one drop of the fragrance is added at a time to make sure it is not overdone. The lid is placed on the bottle and is shaken to mix. After about an hour or two, the bottle can be opened to test the fragrance scent. If needed, more can be added and the bottle can be shaken up again. Once the right amount of fragrance is added, the bottle should be closed and set aside for a few days to make sure the scent has combined with the oil. To get more interesting body oils, different scents can be combined to create more complex Christmas fragrances, such as cinnamon and apple, caramel and vanilla, or peppermint and vanilla.

Room Oil Scents

To make scented oils for a room, a person would first make the scented oils discussed above. After the basic oil is made, 1 ounce of the oil should be combined with 1 ounce of dipropylene glycol to create an oil meant for a room fragrance. When ready to use, a fourth of the room oil, or 1/2 an ounce, should be combined with 3/4 cup of water. It is placed on a candle warmer to release the scent into the air and give the room the smells of Christmas.

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