About General Electric Outdoor Christmas Lights


General Electric has a wide variety of outdoor holiday lights. They are available with different shaped bulbs, including the mini light and "flame tip," a multi-faceted bulb. They also come with different cords, including strings, icicles and nets. Lights can even be found with all one color bulbs to a cord, or with two or more different colored bulbs.

Cord Color

Most outdoor GE lights come with green cords to blend with bushes or evergreens, with the exception of icicle lights, which generally have white cords because they are more often hung along houses.


Depending on the variety, sockets are generally spaced between 4 and 6 inches apart.

Bulb count

The number of bulbs in a GE set varies, though most strings of mini lights contain 100, 150 or 200 bulbs.


Most sets allow end to end connections with a limit of three. Commercial grade sets allow for up to six sets together.

Spare Parts

Most GE outdoor lighting sets include extra bulb (including flashers) and fuses.

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