About Inflatable Christmas Lights

About Inflatable Christmas Lights image by http://www.morguefile.com
About Inflatable Christmas Lights image by http://www.morguefile.com


Once Thanksgiving is over, they appear on lawns all across America. Inflatable Christmas decorations are one of the most popular holiday trends, and more styles are available each year. They've even become a fixture at other celebrations, like Halloween. Here are some interesting facts about inflatable decorations.


It's not clear when the first inflatable Christmas decorations appeared, but "The New York Times" reported that they exploded in popularity in 2006.


Gemmy Industries manufactures many of the top inflatable brands. Their products are sold at many major retailers.

How It Works

The inflatable is connected to a fan. When the fan is plugged in, it blows air into the decoration and it pops up into the shape of a character. Many inflatables also light up.


Manufacturers recommend that you do not operate an inflatable in extremely cold temperatures.


To store an inflatable, make sure it is completely deflated and dried. Pack it in a box or bag. Store it in a dry, cool area.


Patch up holes in an inflatable with clear packing tape or by sewing the hole shut with regular thread.

Fun Fact

An inflatable's power consumption is equal to that of a strand of Christmas lights.

Who Can Help

  • Gemmy Industries

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