How to Decorate With Candles for Christmas

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Candles are a lovely and symbolic part of Christmas decorating. They not only represent the light which is being celebrated, but they also bring the feeling of warmth into homes in the winter. The use of candles at Christmastime dates back centuries as one of the most popular decorations. Here are some ideas for using candles in your holiday decor.


Step 1

Fill each small paper bags with about 2 cups of sand to hold the bags down. Brown or white bags work best.

Step 2

Line your walkway or the front of your house with the bags. Space them out to your preference. Some people use an even amount on each side of the path or house for symmetry. You can also form them in patterns or words in front of your house.

Step 3

Place a votive candle in the center of each bag, using the sand to hold them and keeping the candles away from the sides of the bag.

Step 4

Using a long candle lighter, light the candles at sundown and enjoy the glow. Replace the votives each night.

Advent Wreath

Step 1

Make your Advent wreath in November, at the start of Advent. Put a small wreath or decorative greens on a large plate or tray. If you are using loose greens, form them in a circle around the edge of the plate.

Step 2

Place four candle holders in the circle around the tray/plate and fill with candles. The traditional colors used are three purple candles and one rose or pink candle. If you prefer, use four purple candles or four white candles. You can place a fifth candle in the center. A white pillar candle work well for this.

Step 3

Light a candle each week of Advent. Most people light them on the Sunday of each week, while some people choose to light the candles each night. Follow this schedule: Week One: Light one purple candle. Week Two: Light two purple candles. Week Three: Light one rose candle and two purple candles (or three purple ones). Week Four: Light all four candles in the circle. Christmas Eve: Light all four candles, as well as the optional center candle.

Reflective Lights

Step 1

Use a mirrored tray or reflective plate.

Step 2

Fill the tray/plate with several candles of various heights and sizes. This display looks best when the candles are all one color, especially white.

Step 3

Place the tray in the center of a table and light all of the candles for an evening dinner or party centerpiece.

Tips and Warnings

  • Adults should be in charge of candle lighting and supervise children around candles.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper bags
  • Sand
  • Wreath or decorative greens
  • Plate or tray
  • Candle holders
  • Mirrored tray or reflector plate


  • Advent Candle Prayers
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