Great Christmas Gifts Made From Wood

Great Christmas gifts need not be purchased; handmade gifts can be more meaningful than anything you can buy. If making projects from wood is not your strong suit, look for unfinished wood gifts at the craft store and decorate them specifically for the recipient.

Garden Art

Create and decorate garden art from wood to grace anyone's garden or yard. Wooden windmills, wishing wells, birdhouses, and bird feeders make great Christmas gifts for an avid gardener or someone who enjoys their outdoor living space. Remember to make outdoor gifts from treated wood or woods like cedar and teak that naturally repel insects and hold up well in the elements. Stenciling designs with acrylic paint or attaching flat-backed cabochons (or gemstones), river rocks or copper foil to the garden art are a few ways to decorate wooden gifts. Remember to use waterproof adhesive for any outdoor project.


A wooden tray may seem like a simple gift, but cover it with personal photos of family and friends and it can become a cherished treasure. Stain or paint the tray, then decoupage the photos on the flat center and on the sides. Decoupage medium is a type of glue that works well to secure paper and ribbons to wood and other items. Decoupage medium dries with a glossy or semi-glossy sheen, depending on your preference. Decoupage glue over the top of the images will protect the images from spills, making the tray a gift that is both decorative and useful.


Movable wooden planters filled with a Christmas cactus or poinsettia plants make great holiday gifts. Landscaping timbers are a good choice of building material for wooden planters. The ridges created when the timbers are joined together add a design element that needs no embellishment. Add casters to the bottom of the planter so that the planter is easier to move.


A wooden playhouse makes a great Christmas gift for the children in your life. Decorate the playhouse to resemble something from a fairy tale with window boxes, a scalloped tile roof and an arched doorway. Colorful paint, cozy curtains and indoor carpeting make the wooden playhouse feel like home.

Shadow Box

Another idea for a great Christmas gift made from wood is a shadow box. Build your own or purchase one ready made at the craft store. Fill the shadow box with memorabilia, photos and collectibles that are personal to the recipient. Shadow box displays are one way to memorialize a loved one, which can make the Christmas gift even more special.

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