Cheap Homemade Embroidered Christmas Gifts

The Christmas season can get expensive when you factor in holiday events, food for Christmas feasts and gifts. You can save money at this time of year by making homemade presents. These presents are often treasured because they are personalized and are gifts from the heart. If you have basic embroidery skills, there are several types of gifts that are thoughtful and easy to make.

Kitchen Items

Many kitchen items can be embroidered, and they make popular gifts. The actual embroidery may be Christmas-themed, but it doesn't have to be. Buy cheap base materials and then add creative embroidery to them. Embroider napkins and cloth placemats with holiday items, such as holly wreaths or snowflakes. For a more elaborate gift, embroider the base edges of a tablecloth. Many people bake at Christmas, and aprons are popular accessories that can be easily embroidered with the recipient's name or a simple outline of a pie. Or add simple embroidery designs to oven mitts and potholders.


If the recipient has asked for clothing, buy inexpensive, plain items from a discount store and add embroidery to them. The end result is an expensive-looking, personalized item. Add the recipient's initials in monogramming to sweaters and blouses. Other popular clothing items that are easily embroidered and fashionable are scarves and gloves. Baby clothes, bibs and blankets can also be embroidered and are perfect for a new mother.

Towels and Sheets

Many people never have enough towels and sheets during the holiday season, especially when they are hosting out-of-town guests. Rather than giving inexpensive sets, consider adding embroidery to new towels, bed sheets and washcloths. Embroidery designs can have a holiday theme, monograms or other creative designs. For example, sew lily pads and lotus flowers on hand towels for a person who has a frog-themed guest bathroom. If you cannot afford to buy an entire towel set or sheet set, purchase two plain white pillowcases and embroider them.

Miscellaneous Gifts

If you know how to do embroidery, you can add personality and design to many things. Handkerchiefs can be easily embroidered and are popular with older people, as well as people who live "green." Avid readers will enjoy an embroidered bookmark, and the only required supplies are a piece of construction paper, velvet and thread. For the spa lover, consider embroidering her initials or the word "sleep" on a lavender-filled eye pillow. If you want to stick with the Christmas theme, simply embroider an inexpensive Christmas stocking.

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