Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Younger Sister

Being the big sister is generally hard and searching for the right Christmas gift for you younger sister may be even harder. The age and personality of your younger sister should be used to determine the perfect Christmas gift. You wouldn't want to buy your 30-year-old younger sister a tricycle, nor would you want to buy your 10-year-old sister a makeup kit. Use what you know, such as her interests, favorite pass-time or an item she always expressed interest in but never received.


Dolls are great Christmas gift ideas for your sister. Visit a toy store or retail store to search for the latest trend of dolls. Some designers offer special holiday dolls that end up being collector's items. If you have the extra money, buy your younger sister the accessories to accompany her new doll, such as a doll house, car, pets, children, beauty salons, clothing and other accessories. Another idea would be to allow her to design her own doll. Companies like Barbie and give you the doll customization option.

Gift Certificates

Even if your little sister is in her thirties and married with children, she's still younger than you. Use what you know about her when searching for her Christmas gift. Gift certificates to places she visits frequently are good Christmas gift ideas for your sister. If she never takes time out for herself, buy her a gift certificate to go to a spa to not only relax, but to get a make-over in the process. If she likes sports or music, buy her tickets to watch her favorite team or performer in action. Send her and her husband out to eat at her favorite restaurant by buying a gift certificate to the venue from retail stores or the restaurant directly.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized clothing and accessories make great Christmas gifts for your little sister. Buy a shirt, hat or jacket with pre-written wording like "My Big Sister Loves Me," or "I'm The Youngest Sister of the Bunch." The same goes for accessories such as key chains, coffee mugs, water bottles or other items. Take the personalization a bit farther and add your own wording to the items. If you have a photo of you with your little sister, add it to the coffee mug or t-shirt with wording like "Merry Christmas Little Sister" or "A Sister's Love is Priceless." Customized picture frames with your names and a photo of you both inside the frame are also good ideas. Buy these items from retailers such as Gifts For You Now.

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