Gift Ideas for 9-Year-Old Boys

Gift ideas for 9-year-old boys can cover a wide range of budgets. Whatever the cost, the best gifts for them are sophisticated items that require focus, creativity and logic to manipulate. By 9 years old, most boys are too energetic and skilled to spend much time with simple toys. For example, instead of basic building blocks, they're ready for complicated Lego sets.

Building Block Gift Ideas

If you're dealing with a boy who enjoys building things, a fancy set of building blocks will be a dream gift to him. Though themed, interlocking, Lego block sets are the most common choice, they are not the only type of blocks available. There are building sets that provide gears to build working machines and sets that provide joints and gears to build robots. There are building block sets he can use to create intricate marble mazes and towering skyscrapers.

Craft Gift Ideas

Most typical craft sets would bore an average 9-year-old boy. However, some craft sets are designed with young, energetic boys in mind. Buy a bug, monster or brain-making kit with plastic goop that hardens into shape. Look for DIY model or toy automobile kits easy enough for a young boy to create.

Electronic Gift Ideas

Electronics are as popular with boys as they are with everyone else. However, electronics also tend to be relatively expensive gifts. Desirable electronic gifts include iPods, stereos, video game systems, cell phones, televisions and computers, while electronics-related gifts span video games, computer games, music CDs and movie DVDs. Electronic toys are also popular gifts for boys. Remote control airplanes, helicopters and automobiles are available to fit any preference. Toy electric guitars, drums and pianos help inspire boys with an interest in music. Electronic robots, dinosaurs, monsters and spaceships also offer hours of amusement. Little electronic gadgets, such as night-vision goggles and walkie-talkies, let boys use their imagination to act like a spy, cop or detective.

Science Gift Ideas

Even boys with little interest in science will become excited by the wide variety of science gifts available. You can buy a macro microscope kit, DNA explorer kit, junior electronics kit, chemistry set or telescope set. If the boy prefers something with a higher "gross-out" factor, try giving him an insect dissection set, goo maker kit, bug collector kit or mummy making kit.

Sporting Good Gift Ideas

While most boys who are interested in sports may enjoy basic sporting good gifts, they'll enjoy unusual ones even more. Instead of a plain skateboard, look into buying a snake skateboard with turning footpads or a build-your-own skateboard kit. Buy a baseball bat that measures the speed of each swing instead of a plain wooden bat.

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