Gifts for a Teen Boyfriend


Many teen girls have a tough time shopping for their guy. Getting a gift that he'll actually use and appreciate requires thought and perhaps some investigation. A good gift does not require a lot of money: some of the best gifts are the least expensive, like an outing with just the two of you. Pomona University's "The Student Life Publication" explains that a gift should reflect his style, personality or passions. Tailor gift ideas around who he is to avoid giving a generic gift he'll discard later.

Ask His Friends

Approach your guy's friends for some key insight for what he might like. While you would never have guessed he's obsessing over the latest Wii game, his friends may be more than willing to clue you in (especially if they get to play with the gift, too!). His friends could also offer insight about specific tools or accessories for hobbies, like gaming or sports. Though you may not know anything about such items, his friends could help you pick a great gift.

Pick Event Tickets

If your boyfriend loves a sports team, pick up a pair of tickets. The same is true for theater groups, comedy clubs and other activities. If this is too expensive, get him a DVD of his favorite comedian or movie tickets. Keep an eye out for buy-one-get-one-free tickets or coupons.

Shop for Cologne or Clothing recommends that if you know your boyfriend's taste, buy him some clothes. This could be in the form of a belt, hat, shoes or jeans. Or you could offer to join him as he picks out a gift of cologne. You don't want to buy him a scent he doesn't like, so letting him pick it will ensure he'll wear it.

Make a Coupon Book

Remember when you were little and made coupon books for your parents, with offers such as "will wash dishes"? Make one of these for your boyfriend with equally thoughtful coupons such as "good for ice cream at our favorite spot" or "free massage after finals week." Decorate it with pretty handwriting and ribbon. Teen guys appreciate thoughtful gifts--especially when food is involved.

Choose Books or DVDs

Pick up a book on a subject he enjoys or a book from his favorite author. If he's not the literary type, a DVD of his favorite movie or director is a safe pick. A movie that is special to the two of you is a great choice as well: it serves as a memory and a keepsake, without being overly sentimental.

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