Gifts for Cow Lovers


If you grew up on a farm or in the country, you know that many people love animals, particularly cows. Many country women choose to decorate their kitchens with cows, from pictures to curtains. Some people love cows even though they live in the city, and are seeking décor to remind them of the rural life they used to live. It is actually not difficult to shop for the cow lover in your life. There are so many unique and special gifts that can be found for those who love all things cow.

A Cow Calendar

For the holiday season, a cow calendar is a great gift for the bovine aficionado. You can either purchase one online, make one yourself, or buy one at a calendar shop that is already made. If you decide to purchase a ready made cow calendar, sells a colorful cow calendar each year. To make one yourself, take pictures of cows or purchase stock photos of cows, and upload them to a photo site such as or Then, you can design and customize your own calendar. If you are a creative person, you will probably have a lot of fun designing your own.

Cow Bath Gifts

Another option for the cow lover is a cow-themed bath product. There is a wide range of such products to choose from online, such as cow shaped soaps with a cow towel, cow toothbrush holders, cow bath towels, and cow soap dispensers. For children, you could purchase a floating rubber cow, instead of the typical rubber duckies. Bath items are usually a hit with nearly anyone. One popular site to find these items available for sale is

Cow Apparel

Still looking for a gift idea? Consider cow-themed apparel. For a woman, you could pick up black and white material at your local fabric store, find a design, and sew up an apron. If you are not able to sew, both men and women can always use a fun t-shirt. Many websites even allow you to design and personalize a t-shirt for the recipient. Does your cow lover have a favorite species of cow? Upload a picture of this kind of cow to your favorite photo hosting website, and order a t-shirt made.

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