Football Gifts for Boys

If you know a little boy who loves football, then get him a football-themed gift. Football is an American pastime that you can celebrate with a wide range of gifts. If you know the gift recipient has a favorite football team, then select a gift that promotes that team. Consider personalized gifts, such as jerseys, which you can outfit with the gift recipient's last name or nickname.

Signed Football Helmet

Purchase a signed football helmet from the gift recipient's favorite team. If you cannot afford a personalized helmet, then select a team helmet that the child can display on his bookshelf or somewhere in his room.

Football Referee Shirt

Purchase a kid-sized football referee shirt for the gift recipient. You can have it embroidered with the child's name. Pair it with a book that explains the referee's signals and calls for football plays.

Football Jersey

Buy a customized football jersey displaying the team and mascot of the gift recipient's favorite team. You can have the last name or nickname of the gift recipient printed on the back of the jersey along with the playing number of his favorite football player.

Season Tickets

If your budget is large enough, then purchase a pair of season tickets for the child and his father. This is a special gift that will foster quality time between the child and his father. It also will provide an opportunity for the child to grow in his love of the sport.

Football Phone

Purchase a football phone for a child's room, if he is old enough to have one in his room. You may want to check in with his parents first to make sure buying the child a phone is acceptable. Football phones look like full-size footballs and hide the receiver in the front of the ball.

Personalized Football Clipboard

Purchase a football clipboard from an online vendor. You can personalize the clipboard to reflect the gift recipient's name. The gift recipient can use the clipboard for school studies, projects and to work out the plays of his favorite team while he is watching the game.

Football Movie Collection

Select inspiring football movies and present them as a collection to the gift recipient. Some ideas include "Rudy," a movie about an underdog student who perseveres and eventually plays football for University of Notre Dame, "Remember the Titans," a movie about the racial divide of a football team in a Virginia high school or "The Express," a movie about football player Ernie Davis. Davis was the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy.

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