How to Store Wrapping Paper


Wrapping paper is used to conceal presents for many different holidays and events. It comes in all kinds of designs and shapes. You may have several different rolls of wrapping paper in your home. These rolls can easily become unraveled. Also, since they are an odd shape, you may not be sure how to store them. A few simple tips and tricks can keep your wrapping paper neat and orderly.

Step 1

Secure your leftover wrapping paper by sliding a rubber band down the tube, over the paper. You could also use a hair tie if you do not have a rubber band. This will keep your rolls of wrapping paper from unraveling.

Step 2

Place leftover wrapping paper that does not come on a roll in a large shoebox. Make sure you label the shoe box "Wrapping Paper" or you may forget what is in there.

Step 3

Place your rolls of wrapping paper in an umbrella stand while you have them out for wrapping. This will keep them out of the way, but have them accessible when you are ready to wrap.

Step 4

Slide your rolls of wrapping paper into wide cardboard mailing tubes. You can then store them under your bed, in your closet or in the attic.

Step 5

Purchase a vertical wrapping paper storage container. Place your wrapping paper in the container and set it aside until the next holiday.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not use tape to secure your wrapping paper. When you are ready to use your wrapping paper again, you may tear the paper when you try to remove the tape.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrapping paper
  • Rubber band or hair tie
  • Large shoe box
  • Cardboard mailing tubes
  • Wrapping paper storage container


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