Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids


Children generally have lots of toys, and interest in new ones can wane quickly. There are many non-toy gift ideas that children can receive pleasure from year-round, and some of them can be enjoyed by the entire family. Here are some ideas that can help you find non-toy gifts for your children this year.


Memberships to local attractions can be used by the whole family throughout the year. The zoo, amusement parks, water parks, swimming pools, health and fitness clubs and museums are a few places that offer memberships. Having a membership to a place your children love will give your family something to do together any time of year.


If you have children who want to go to ballet class or take karate lessons, let the classes be their gifts. Many parents splurge on toys and then pay hefty fees for art, dance, music or sports lessons.


Most kids would go without new toys if they knew a special trip was on the horizon. Planning a special trip is an alternative to giving toys, and it's something the entire family can enjoy. By brainstorming with your partner, you can come up with a trip that will make all the children--and maybe even you--happy.


Giving a child a good book can go far in developing a love for reading. There are many books on the market that can capture a child's imagination and attention, no matter how old they are. Giving your child a book you loved as a youngster can also bridge the generation gap and give you and your child something to talk about. Other book ideas include hobby books, journals and educational books on a topic your child particularly enjoys.

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