Gifts for a Guy's Best Friend

You may be the most important person in your man's life, but there's someone else who is important, too. His best guy friend might have been there since childhood, or he might be someone he just met and instantly bonded with, but either way, he's a part of your guy's life. Because he's important to your man, you want to include him in your holiday celebrations. You'll have to consider what kind of gift to get for your guy's best friend.

Guy Things

If you're looking at a gift he can unwrap, there are a couple of things to consider. What are his interests, and how well do you know him? If you know his favorite sports team, for example, you can't go wrong with a sweatshirt or some other item emblazoned with the team logo--even if he already has a dozen of these. Avoid cheap or generic things like discount store shaving sets, or things that are too personal, like clothes or cologne. Those are for his own significant other to buy for him.

Gift Certificates

Some people don't like to give gift certificates, because they feel they're impersonal, but they can be a great gift for a friend. You can be quite creative with these, too. How about a gift certificate for car maintenance--something he'd have to spend his own money on anyway? Or a music store, so he can pick out his own CDs, or a sports memorabilia store? If he collects something, rather than try to figure out what he needs, allow him to pick out the next addition himself.


Most adults really have all the stuff they need, but would enjoy going to events or occasions. Consider giving him a restaurant gift certificate and movie passes. You could also consider tickets to a game, show, or concert. If an exhibit or performance is coming to your area in the next year, get him early tickets, or consider passes to an amusement park that he won't be able to use until the summer. That way he's reminded of your thoughtfulness all year long. Better yet, send both guys--your sweetie and his best friend--on a guys' night out on your dime.

Gag Gifts

You really have to know a guy well to indulge in gag gifts, but if you do, a touch of humor can go far in cementing a friendship. Some stores and websites specialize in funny gifts, but the most humorous are those that stem from your person knowledge of the recipient. If he's a terrible cook, a month's supply of ramen noodles constitutes both affectionate teasing and a practical gift. If he's a bad housekeeper, you might pay for a visit from a maid service. If he ran out of gas on the highway, a membership to AAA will bring a chuckle. As long as you know the gift will be received in the humorous spirit you intended it, gag gifts can be enjoyable for everyone.

Homemade and From the Heart

If the best guy friend is an important part of your couple-life, you could offer him something more personal. If you know he's crazy about your coconut macaroons, you could make him a double batch and package it in a nice tin. If he has kids, you could sneak them out for a special family picture and present it in a nice frame. If he's hopeless at decorating, you could spruce up a room of his choice in his home. Your skills are gifts to those around you; why not put a ribbon on them and make them a gift for this friend, too?


There are thousands of important causes championed by nonprofit organizations. What does your man's friend care about the most? Did his mom die of cancer? A donation in his name to the American Cancer Society would show that you care about his experience. Is he green through and through? A donation to Greenpeace might warm his heart. If he's a veteran, consider donating in his name to the DAV, USO, or a scholarship fund for soldiers' kids. Is he political, religious, artistic, handicapped, scholarly, athletic, or ethnic? There are many organizations who will be grateful that you remembered their work in his name, and your guy's friend will be touched that you find his passion important enough to support.

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