Christmas Gift Ideas for Hippies

Lots of people have hippies in their lives. Parents, grandparents or just hippie friends can make Christmas gift giving challenging. Hippies are easy going, free-spirited individuals who appreciate a relaxed approached to life. You should give Christmas gifts to the hippies in your life that complements their laid-back life style.

Christmas Incense

Give incense to your hippie friends in Christmas scents. Try scents like evergreen, apples and cinnamon and holiday home. Incense comes in different shapes like small triangles or long sticks, both of which are lit and burned to release their fragrances. Include a pretty incense burner like one made of hard, decorative wood or pretty brass.


Offer a Christmas gift that hippies can wear, like a poncho. Ponchos were worn by the original Woodstock hippies. Ponchos are easy to wear, comfortable cover ups that keep hippies warm. Choose a crocheted poncho in yarn colors of red and green or buy a poncho made of Native American weaving like the kind you'd find in a blanket.

Christmas Shoes

Flip flops complete the ensemble of the relaxed hippie. Give him a pair of flip flops made of hemp or a simple pair of leather strap sandals. Leather moccasins and leather boots are nice comfortable gifts for hippies. For hippie friends living in warm climates, a pair of foam flip flops make a good gift. Use a hot glue gun to attach a silk poinsettia flower to the thong of the shoe. Adding a silk flower will customize your hippie shoe gift.

Hippie Art

Hippies are creative people who often enjoy making and looking at art. Give the hippies in your life some hippie art that reflects what is important to them. Pictures of happy faces, peace signs and scenes from nature are good subjects for hippie art. These pictures can be painted on canvas, or on pottery items like dishes and pots.

Hippie Music

Give a hippie music collection to your loved one. Some suggestions would the complete Woodstock collection, the Beatles Anthology or the Best of the Grateful Dead. Bring your hippie into the current century by giving a CD rather than an 8-Track or cassette tape.

Lava Lamp

Lava lamps are a nostalgic gift for hippies. Lava lamps have been part of hippie culture since the seventies. Hippies enjoyed listening to psychedelic music and watching the lamp toss around wax blobs. Give your family member a lava lamp made of Christmas colors. Choose a lamp with green or red wax inside it. Lava lamps come in different sizes like small 6-inch lamps that make good decorative touches or large lava lamps that can be well over a foot in length. You can buy a lava lamp that is battery operated or comes with an electrical cord.

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