Great Xmas Gifts for 13-Year-Olds

Finding a Christmas gift for a 13-year old can be harder than a person thinks. Teenagers have crossed into the stage of life where building blocks, Legos or child board games are no longer of much interest. Most teenagers are into musical entertainment, sports, films and other interest that marks the entrance into the teenage years.


Electronics are always good Christmas gifts for teenagers. Teenagers love to play video games, listen to music, watch television, talk on the phone, use the computer and partake in other activities that require electronic devices. Prepaid cell phones, video game systems and computers are all are great electronic gifts that a parent has the ability to control and monitor. Parents have ways to ensure that a child's privacy is protected with these electronic gifts by monitoring the child's cell phone incoming and outgoing call details, setting parent control levels on video game systems and monitoring internet sites visited.

Entertainment and Athletic Gifts

Most teenagers have a crush on an entertainer or idolize an athlete. A gift pertaining to his favorite entertainer would mean the world to a 13-year-old child. Gifts with the entertainer's logo, face, sports team in the forms of a poster, basketball card, team jersey, artist CD or film are good ideas for 13-year olds. A more unique gift idea would be to purchase tickets for the teen to see the athlete play, and a possible meet and greet session, where the teenager could meet the entertainer and take a photo, hold a conversation and just be in the presence of his idol. This type of gift could be costly, especially if an in-person appearance or an autograph is involved. However, the satisfaction it would give a teenager makes the costs worth it.

Motor Scooters

A 13-year old may not be able to drive around to different places, but that does not stop him from getting around. Buying a 13-year old an electric scooter, moped or razor scooter for Christmas is a good gift idea, because it gives the teenager the independence to go places on his own, such as the park, a friend's home or the corner grocery store. Scooters come in different shapes, sizes and colors to fit the tastes of all teenagers. The speed of electric scooter varies, but the majority of electric scooters come with hand or foot operated breaks to stop or slow the scooter down. The price of these gifts varies by brand, types and other specifics.

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