Architecture Student Christmas Gifts

Give the student architect in your life something that will help her in her studies or foster her love for her chosen field. The workload of architecture students is notoriously heavy and challenging. Consider this when choosing an appropriate gift. Also, keep her likes and interests in mind to ensure a successful gifting experience.


Architecture is an extremely demanding field of study. A practical gift for an architecture student would be coffee or another stimulant to help him pull all-nighters and get through tough class schedules. A stainless steel travel mug will allow him to stylishly tote his coffee to class. Consider the gift of an espresso or gourmet coffee machine for his apartment or dorm. It will save him money and time by enabling him to brew his own coffee at home. If he is a tea drinker, a collection of specialty teas and a travel mug would make an appropriate gift. A case of Red Bull or Jolt soda would be a fun gift, yet would come in handy.

Magazine Subscription or Architecture Book

A subscription to an architecturally focused magazine would make a perfect gift that an architecture student will look forward to receiving in the mail each month. "Architectural Digest" is a monthly magazine that covers a broad range of architecture topics, but there is a wide selection of magazines that cover specialty topics of interest, such as hospitality design, residential design or eco-friendly design. Choose one that complements her focus of study. Beautiful coffee table books on architecture are available at most bookstores. There are also retailers that specialize in architecture and design literature that will have a wider range of options and an educated staff who will be able to suggest titles. Choose a book that will appeal to her personal architectural interests.

Other Ideas

Supplies such as pens, paper and drafting triangles are practical gift ideas, but check with the architecture student about what supplies he needs and prefers before making a purchase. A gift card to a store that stocks architectural supplies would be a good option. A new portfolio to carry around designs would make a stylish and utilitarian gift. Get it monogrammed as a personal touch. Get him an iPod and a gift card to iTunes so he can jam out while creating future design masterpieces. Also consider a novelty gift, like a wallet printed with a blueprint design, or an architecturally themed paperweight available at a specialty shop or online retailer.

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