Going Green Ideas for Wrapping Paper


As more people go green, they are realizing that there are alternatives to many items they use frequently, such as wrapping paper. Instead of using a roll of paper, they are now turning to items they already have in their homes to wrap gifts. Finding alternatives not only saves money, but also it is better for the environment.

Use comics as wrapping paper

Whether you have comics from the newspaper or actual comic books, cut them up and use them for wrapping paper. To wrap with newspaper comics, open up a sheet, lay it out and smooth it out then wrap the present. To use the comic books takes a little more work. Rip the pages out of the comic book and cut the frayed edges off so it is a straight edge. Using transparent tape, tape all of the pages together from edge to edge or side to side until you have a full sheet the size of a newspaper sheet. You can then wrap your present.

Use old curtains as wrapping paper

If you have thin curtains, they can easily be used as wrapping paper. Wash and, if you can, bleach them to make sure they are free from any dirt or stains. After they dry, lay them flat and, using a sheet of newspaper as a guide, cut out around the sheet of newspaper so you are left with a square of fabric. If the fabric is sheer, sew two same-sized pieces of fabric together to form a less transparent wrapping. After you wrap your gift, top it off with a beautiful bow.

Use old shirts as wrapping paper

This usually works best if the fabric has a design or pattern to it as it gives more of a punch to the presentation of the gift. Take a shirt you no longer wear and lay it out flat. Using scissors, cut straight across the chest and back from underarm to underarm, and then dispose of the top portion. If the shirt is a button-down style, cut down the front of the shirt parallel to the buttons, then dispose of the buttoned fabric. Lay the fabric out flat, cut any frayed edges until they are even, and then wrap your present.

Use square scarves as wrapping paper

Instead of disposing of a scarf, turn it into wrapping. After washing it, check that it is free of stains and let it dry. Lay it flat on a table and wrap your present. The square shape will allow for easy wrapping.

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