How to Choose Gifts for Autistic Children


Buying gifts for an autistic child can be difficult because of the many specific considerations that must be made. The child's age, the degree of autism, the learning level of the child, the communication level and the child's interests all play a role in choosing an appropriate gift.

Step 1

Find out all the information you can about the child. His learning level may not be the same as his age or grade level, so toys aimed at a certain age might be inappropriate.

Step 2

Choose a gift that is helpful in verbal development. Flash cards encourage verbal interaction, and flash cards with emotions on them are designed specifically for children with autism. Computer-based flash-card games can be good for older autistic children.

Step 3

Pick a gift that aids in sensory and motor skill development. Ball pits, koosh balls, play dough and resistance bands are examples. Dry-erase boards can aid in visual development and fine motor skills.

Step 4

Look for gifts that will help a child in his specific problem area. Handwriting is difficult for many autistic children, so weighted pens and weights that slide onto writing utensils can be helpful.

Who Can Help

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