Gift Ideas for a CPA

Certified public accountants, or CPAs, work hard to get to a place where they can provide their services. As with any job, the right tools bring about the right result. If there is a CPA who you want to give a gift to for the holidays, a birthday or just to say thank you, there are specific things that may be more useful than others.

Corny but Fun

Websites such as and have T-shirts, buttons, bags, stickers, mugs and so much more that use fun phrases like "I love my CPA" or "There's no crying in accounting." It is sure to get a smile at the very least.


A nice pen set can sound boring, but when a large part of your job is looking professional and having your clients sign documents, an, attractive, well-working pen is an asset.

Laptop Bag

These can range from simple and cheap to beautifully done and expensive. It depends on how much you want to do for your CPA. Most accountants carry around a computer, so a new laptop bag that will also fit documents and folders can be helpful.


The right software program can make a CPA's life so much easier and pays for itself quickly through its efficiency, organization and accuracy. Some possible programs include Expert Business Case, TValue Version 5 and BizBench 2009.

Wacky Symbolic Gifts

For these gifts, you have to use your imagination. A great example from is called the CPA survival kit. It has items like an abacus "for when your [CPA] calculator runs out" or a magic wand "for the magician people think you [CPA] should be." Come up with your own survival kit for your CPA.

Less Personal

Not everyone who is buying a gift for a CPA is on a close, personal level with her, so try gifts that are less personal. A fruit basket is always nice; cookie grams, office plants and flowers can work as well.

Money-Related Games

Monopoly, the Game of Life and PayDay are some board games that use money. Now, it is possible that your CPA wants to play something that avoids money, but it is thoughtful and relates to what your accountant does on a daily basis.

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